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Whirlpool Disinfection

The disinfection of whirlpools, sauna, swimming-pools and private bathing facilities

Whirlpools with stagnant water or whirlpools with recirculated water can create natural friendly atmospheres for micro-organisms to flourish. This is mainly due to the warm temperature and relative heavy use of the water. Legionella growth in biofilms of e.g. internal tubings is one aspect that needs extra attention.

In these type of mini swimming pools the biological growth and biofilm creation will foster the different microorganisms such as E-coli, Pseudomonas, the latter having its origin from human excretions.

Normal chlorination will not effectively remove an existing biofilm layer, but will most probably kill the outer layer of the bio-film.

Lenntech therefor advises the use of an effective disinfectant (system). Besides the conventional chlorination we advise periodic cleaning with stabilised chlorine dioxide, UV-disinfection and the use of ozone generators.

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