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About Lenntech 23 years in 2016!

Lenntech was founded in 1993 by Alumni from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands. Until recently it was still based within the campus of the University. Its main goal is developing, designing, manufacturing and installing environmentally friendly water treatment and air purification systems for the industry - world-wide.

Originally, the organization's main focus was around water disinfection, oxidation and recycling technologies. During Lenntech's development the necessary surrounding technologies such as fine filtration, biofiltration and odor control were included in the scope of competence and delivery.

As of the turn of the century Lenntech can deliver full-scale turn-key systems for any industry.

Although many solutions and manufactured equipment are proprietary, Lenntech sees a continuous need for co-operation and partner-ship with other specialist companies in order to always offer the best systems.

References of Lenntech include the following companies/industries:

Shell Petrochemical /Refinery Heineken Breweries Nestlé Bottled water
Basell  Chemistry Universities Laboratory set-ups Proctor & Gamble  Baby tissues
DSM Pharmaceuticals Frico Food industry Local Governments Wastewater recycling
US Army Drinking water disinfection
Bestfood Food; Beverage Volkswagen
Cargrill Food Coca Cola Beverage Saudi Chevron Petro / Refinery

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About Lenntech

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