Water Treatment Solutions

Lenntech provides water treatment solutions for all type of applications, from domestic equipment to industrial turnkey plants up to 5000 m3/day.

Our wide range of technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors will guarantee you a cost-efficient solution meeting your water quality requirements.

Lenntech deals daily with clients from various origin: municipalities, water bottlers, hotels and resort requiring safe drinking water for their visitors, farmers needing specific irrigation water for their plants, but also industries like power plants, oil and gas, chemical factories, requiring specific process water for their equipment.








Applications Specific Plants Systems


Process water (boiler, heat exchangers) Seawater desalination Deep Filters

RO Membranes
UF Membranes
H2O ultra pure water Surface water treatment Reverse Osmosis / Nanofiltration units

Drinking water Softening Ultrafiltration units

Measurement devices
Irrigation legionella in biofilm Disinfection UV systems Ion exchange resins
Waste water Fe, Mn Iron and Manganese Ozone disinfection units

Filtration media


Water Treatment

As Arsenic removal Ion Exchange System Ion exchange units


Bag and Cartridge filters
Cooling Towers NO3 Nitrates removal
EDI units
More details about all Grundfos Pumps

CaCO3 Remineralisation Clarification units Parts for watertreatment systems
Zn, Cu, Ni, Pb Heavy metal removal Sediment filters
Atrazine, DDT, Lindane... Pesticide removal ClO2 generators

RO Systems

LennRO Systems Advanced oxidation units
The water treatment decision tree.
Filmtec membranes
Desalination documents / Authors

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